Attention in data reading, the use

As a characteristic of radiation measurement, the measurement result always involves an error. Even if measurements are made multiple times under the same conditions, please use the figures after understanding that the results will always vary. (January 1, 2017 partial revision)

About the use of data

The ownership of the data on this site belongs to this site and each measuring room that provides the data. It is possible to reuse data. However, please use the source ("everyone's data site") clearly after understanding the following precautions.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the release or use of the data on this site. In using the data, the user assumes all responsibility for the result.
  • The data on this site is just reference data, and no safety risk judgment is made on this site. The measurement of radioactivity is always an error, and there is no absolute value because the variation of values may occur depending on the measurement conditions etc.
  • We strictly prohibit the act of cutting, extracting, falsifying, etc., partial data that is intentionally misleading and distributing the results.
  • Please consult us in advance when "processing" data and presenting it.
  • All data on this site is owned by the measuring room where the measurement was made. The measurement room stores detailed information (such as spectrum) that can not be posted on this site. If you have questions or questions about the measurement results, please contact each measuring room.

About use of contents of this site such as various data and images for the purpose of distribution, presentation

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  • Contents such as PDF data published on this site are permitted to be reproduced and printed for non-profit purpose such as study sessions and training. Please specify "Source: everyone's data site". Also, we do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by use. In using the data, the user assumes all responsibility for the result.
  • All rights reserved. For the sale and publication of the information posted on this site, all rights reserved. Please obtain the written permission of the operator in advance.

Prohibited matter

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