Want to actually measure the food or soil you are concerned about?

For example, garden bushes that can be harvested every year, summer oranges, bamboo shoots, etc.
In addition, the soil of the garden, the mulch of the kitchen garden, the rice of the parent's house that will be sent every year. Rather than worrying about "what's going on?", If you measure it, you can actually see the numbers visually and it will be cleaner.

Everybody's data site is a network of citizen's radiation measurement stations all over the country.
Please find a measurement room near you and contact us.

Each measuring room is independent and operates independently. Therefore, please inquire after paying attention to the following points.

Measurement fee varies from one room to another

For details, check the website of each measuring room and contact the measuring room directly. We will inform you about the necessary amount, preparation for sending (dividing finely), etc. Many measuring rooms require 1 liter of sample (the amount of articles to be measured). The items accepted for each measuring room, such as food, soil, environmental data (fertilizer, straw etc.) are different. ※ If you wish to measure water, urine, breast milk etc. accurately, please select a measuring room with a germanium semiconductor detector.

The opening date is different for each measuring room

The measuring room may not be open every day. As you can not receive even if you send samples without notice, please be sure to contact the measurement room in advance. As a general rule, we will publish the results you have measured as one piece of data that will be posted on the "everyone's data site". Please report the effect to the measurement room). The measuring room can maintain its activity by receiving measurement requests from you and making measurements. In addition, by accumulating data one by one, thickness will be increased by the data of "all data site". Everybody's data site hopes that each citizen can have his own "measure".

Click here for a list of measuring rooms across the country