Japan Congress of Journalist (JCJ) has selected and honored excellent journalism activities and works of the year since 1958.
In the 20th (62nd) JCJ award,  Minna no Data Site  publication “Illustration. Measurement map + reading"  has been selected!

This award was made thanks to the following people: 4,000 citizens who participated in the “East Japan Soil Becquerel Measurement Project” and those who supported the project with financial cooperation.
In addition, I believe that it has been awarded together with approximately 1,300 people who supported "Collabor Funding" at the time of map collection publication and others who support this activity.
Let's continue moving forward step by step together.

Once again, we would like to be delighted with the award together with all of you.

JCJ Award “Illustration 17Prefectures Radioactivity Measurement Map + Readings Collection” Minna no Data Site publication

Award reasons:
"Minna no Data Site" which is network of "Civic radiation measurement room" collects and measures soil from more than 3,400 places after Fukushima nuclear accident.  And cesium estimate of March 2011 with cooperation of a total of 4,000 citizens 'Soil map by prefecture' (Chapter 1) was summarized. The movement of the radiation plume, and calculate the decay of radioactive cesium up to 100 years later and display it on the map are also included. In Chapter 2, you can eliminate anxiety about food and have your own measure. In Chapter 3, “Let's know radioactivity,” you can learn in depth the basic knowledge of radioactivity and its comparison with Chernobyl. It is A4 size radiation must-read textbook for citizen by citizen, citizen who put together investigation that country does not do.

This JCJ award was awarded along with the following companies/group.
It is full of surprises that this small, small "Minna no Data Site publication" has been awarded, along with these major newspapers and TV station.

【JCJ Grand Prize】
"Following tax" campaign Tokyo newspaper Social Affairs Department

While facing a serious financial crisis, the Abe administration continues to waste taxes. This is the first project to highlight the reality of the “weapon loan” that has surpassed 5 trillion yen due to the rapid expansion of weapons purchases from the United States. Starting with military expenses at the expense of the people's lives such as education and social welfare, the campaign extended the theme to the construction of a new US military base in Okinawa and Henoko, Tokyo Olympics, etc. and influenced the budget planning debate at the end of last year . Methods and media attitudes that carefully examine the pros and cons of policies and develop interests and vested interests are highly evaluated by many readers and experts.

【JCJ Award】
A series of reports on
the Aegis Ashore deployment problem Akita Sakigake Shinposha newspaper company.
Aegis Ashore deployment problem coverage Aegis Ashore deployment problem that began in the fall of 2017 directly hit Akita and Yamaguchi Prefecture to a world-wide problem There is. Akita Shingo is close to the concerns of the people of the prefecture, and while providing honesty with the judgment material, explores the true meaning of the problem from various angles, voices of the people of the prefecture, coverage of the governor, mayor, member's questionnaire, Romanian-Polish report I continued. And I will make the graduation acknowledgment deletion case in public beauty university come to light up, and it will show out the loneliness of the appropriate site investigation of the Ministry of Defense later. Although the voice against deployment has not been realized, here is the true essence of the power of regional journalism that goes on the ground to monitor power.

"Imagination and how to spell-the" heart "of the children who the war took over Yamagata Broadcasting
In 1930, a children's literary scholar, Ichitaro Kokubu, taught at a elementary school in Yamagata Prefecture, and devoted himself to life style education called "imagination" and "life style education". The children drew vividly in paintings and spelled out in the writings the lives of the villagers who live in the midst of being hit by bad works. However, the shadow of the war stalks the education of Kokubu, and it is thrown into crime under the Security Maintenance Act. Under Abe Ichikoku, "conspiracy" is pointed out as having similarities to the law of maintaining security. The producer thought that "I would like to drive in a nail" for the future that can be freely expressed, and sent out the program to the world,

"ETV Feature" Who will save lives Doctors' nuclear accident "NHK
Immediately after the explosion at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, many doctors from Hiroshima and other areas entered the site and were at the forefront of radiation medicine, including treatment of contaminated residents and SDF personnel injured by the explosion. Many of the doctors kept their silence, and as a result, nuclear restarts began in various places without sufficiently reflecting their diverse experiences. The interviewer went to visit doctors who had been treated with care and obtained 3,000 photos and videos from the doctors themselves. It was the first time to reveal the full picture of the great reality of the medical field at that time.

The award ceremony will be held at the Japan Press Center Hall on August 17 (Saturday).

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