What is Marineri-kun?

It is a special container called "Marinelli container" for containing food and soil to be measured.
Set the Marinelli container packed with the sample to the measuring device and perform the measurement.
(※ In addition, Marinelli has a dent on the top of the head and looks like a nose, but it is originally used in the reverse direction.)

The mascot character of everyone's data site with this Marinelli container as a motif is "Marineri-kun".

Marinelli's background

In 2012, we started recruiting symbol characters when we launched "The Data Site for Everyone". As a result of having received a work that is difficult to put on the case and selected from various angles, we selected "Marinelli-kun" as a symbol character, with a design with a Marinelli container essential for food and soil measurement. And, after coordination with the creators and the design team, this Marinelli-kun was born. Please share with everyone, Mr. Marinerii, "everyone's data site"!

Measuring instrument family

Marinelli-kun's fellow, the measuring instrument family, is a character based on the measuring instruments of various manufacturers (models) possessed by the citizen measuring room.
Together with Marinelli, we are up for everyone's data site.