About everyone's data site
Everyone's Data Site Steering Committee
June 1, 2015 Change
September 1, 2017 Change
April 1, 2018 Change
April 1, 2019 Change
1. Name
We will refer to this group as "the data site for everyone".
The website operated by this group is called "Civil Radiation Measurement Data Site (common name: Everyone's Data Site)".

2. Effect
With the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred, and the radioactivity released spreads radioactive contamination over a wider area from Tohoku and East Japan centered on Fukushima.
The air, water, soil, and food around us have to worry about radioactive contamination in our daily lives, and there is no way to transmit reliable information from the government or other administrative side. As it was enough, activities of citizens working on radioactivity measurement spread around the country, buying money, purchasing radioactivity measuring equipment and focusing on food, water and soil.

The "everyone's data site" operated by this group accumulates measurement data from the citizen's radioactivity measurement rooms all over the country in a common format, and sends out the actual situation of radioactive contamination such as food in a form that can be easily understood by the general public. The purpose is to continue and maintain.
It is used by many people who feel uneasy about their daily life, and what kind of items / areas there are many food / soil pollution, how little is it, how it spreads, and the passage of time In addition, we aim to use for analysis such as how it changes.
As long as the group survives, measurement data of everyone's data site shall be maintained in a form that can be used by many people who feel uneasy about their daily lives with the responsibility of the "Data Site Steering Committee". .

3. Feature
We created a unique method to confirm the measurement accuracy of the citizen's radioactivity measurement room when launching the "everyone's data site".
Specifically, a “standard brown rice kit” (a common sample in which radioactive rice-contaminated brown rice is adjusted to three types of low concentration, medium concentration, and high concentration, and the radioactive substance content is confirmed by a reliable measuring instrument) ) Is measured by each citizen's radioactivity measurement room, and the variation of the measurement result is statistically evaluated to confirm that it is within the fixed range (“fine concentration” is included) In view of the degree of decay of cesium 134 and cesium 137, measurement is optional after 2017).
Only the measurement rooms whose measurement accuracy has been confirmed by this method can post the measurement results on the "All Data Site". In this way, the citizen's radioactivity measurement office cooperates and prepares a system to confirm the measurement accuracy, which will increase the reliability of the radioactivity measurement by citizens, and in the future, the citizen's radioactivity measurement office will We also believe that it will be a step towards asking the manufacturers of measuring instruments to improve their functions.

4. Administration system
・ Daily administration is done by "all data site governing board".

・ In "all data site steering committee", "certified non profit organization Fukushima 30 year project" "Tokai net that connects to the future-Citizen radioactivity measurement center (C-lab)" "August citizen radiation measurement room" "Alab's lab" "3 groups will be the managing group.

・ Each member of the secretariat group will be a joint representative of the Steering Committee. The current co-representatives are Hiromi Abe (Fukushima 30 years), Akiko Onuma (C-Lab), and Murakami Susumu (Agano Lab). The team responsible for the work will be placed in the "Secretariat" with Takayuki Koyama as Executive Director.

・ A member of the “Operation Committee” shall be a member with measurement actual conditions as a participating measurement room, or a member with a record of participation in a general meeting of the data site. We assume person who was approved with the above approval. Members shall participate in the committee once a month and actively participate in the management of group activities unless there are unavoidable circumstances.

・ Regarding the re-election of “joint representative”, candidates will be selected by mutual election of the Steering Committee, and approved by half or more of the majority of the measurement rooms who participated at the General Meeting on the day.

・ Members of the “Secretariat” shall be responsible for the project of everyone's data site, and shall be re-elected by members belonging to the Secretariat according to the increase or decrease of the project. Members are responsible for taking part in meetings and driving projects.
About activity, the need for decision-making is decided by consultation of joint representative (based on the discussion of the Steering Committee).
Also, for the activities, we are cooperating with the Keio University SFC Research Institute Public Technology Design Consortium.

5. Participating Measurement Office
Consulting to the purpose of everyone's data site, complying with the regulations, and entering radioactivity measurement data such as food on "everyone's data site" Let be "participation measurement room".
The procedure of participation as a "participation measurement room" is as follows.

1) Citizen radiation measurement rooms that wish to participate in the “data site of everyone” should use the name, location, contact information, representative, measurement equipment, etc. of the measurement room on the “Operation Committee” prescribed format. Apply for participation by specifying basic information.

2) To confirm the measurement accuracy of the citizen's measurement room, measure the "standard brown rice kit" provided by the "operational committee" in the citizen's measurement room, and enter the results on a predetermined "accuracy calibration worksheet" Report to the “Operating Committee” (in charge of the secretariat) (If you have more than one measuring instrument, make measurements on all measuring instruments).

3) From the secretariat, reply the result of confirmation of measurement accuracy to the citizen's measurement room side. If it can not be confirmed that the measurement accuracy is sufficient, adjust the settings of the measuring instrument etc. on the citizen's measurement room side, and carry out the accuracy check of 2) again.

4) After being confirmed to have sufficient measurement accuracy in the procedure of 2), it will be registered as a "participation measurement room" by paying the participation cost related to the operation of "everyone's data site". The membership fee is 5,000 yen per year, and the number of mouths is optional.

5) The “participation measurement room” will continue to check the accuracy by the procedure of 2) once or more a year thereafter. 6) If you want to leave the participation measurement room, submit a written notice of withdrawal to the secretariat. -If the above procedure is not renewed, or there is a violation of the regulations, the participating measurement rooms may lose the status of the participating measurement rooms after a review by the Steering Committee etc.

The measurement data that the participating measuring room that has lost the status has entered before losing the status will continue to be released on the "All Data Site". The status of participating measurement rooms that have lost their status changes from "participation measurement room" to "measurement room that has participated in the past" on the web.

The role of the participation measurement room after participation is as follows.

1) Provide one or more data site representatives (contact point).

2) Register one or more of the person in charge or representative address on the mailing list of everyone's data site.

3) Daily exchange and communication will be mainly conducted by email and skype, and participating measurement rooms will participate in information sharing regarding operation and technical exchange.

4) Register the publicly available data of the measured samples in the database of "All data site".

5) Actively participate in the general meeting held once a year and support the activities of the data site together.
We hope that everyone in the “Participation Measurement Room” will have a positive opinion and suggestions on the operation of the “data site for everyone”.

6. Business Plan and Accounting
We will compile and publish an annual business plan, budget, business report and financial results in the same way as a general NPO corporation.
About important matters such as decision of business plan, budget and business report, financial statements, and appointment of the secretariat group, we hold a general meeting by the secretariat group and participating measurement office every year and decide to decide by the meeting in the general meeting.

that's all