The measurement room which has participated in "everyone's data site" in the past is posted.
It is a measurement room that has left everyone's data site for various reasons.
I honor the measurement activities that I have been with.

Measurement room name Enrollment period location
Citizen radioactivity measurement station SAVECHILDiwate September 2013-May 1818 Iwate Kitakami city
Iwate Food and Agriculture Information Office December 2016-November 1818 Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
Zama radioactivity measurement room September 2013-December 1818 Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Kodomira RMS September 2013-September 2020 Kokubunji-City, Tokyo
Hakaroom-Machida September 2013-December 2020 Machida-City, Tokyo