[Media] Consumer report was introduced in the March 2019 issue

[Also published in the well-established information magazine "Consumer Report"! ]

A long-established information magazine "Consumer Report" snuggled up with citizens, published by the Japan Consumer Federation.

In this March, 2019 issue, under the title of "The Power of Citizens Measured for Six Years," Michio Yoshimura, who is a thyroid exam, introduced a collection of maps.

It was written that it was written that it was decided to start up a group to conduct thyroid examinations after having participated in the soil project briefing session of everyone's data site, and it was happy.

The compilation of the soil project is the collection of maps this time.
This book was packed with the thought that "I want to protect the children".
I was brave enough to know that I was practicing in a way that I could do it alone all over the country. Thank you!

We have published permission from the publisher, so we will publish it in PDF.
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What is a Consumer Report?
Our surroundings are full of genetically modified foods, additives, pesticides, nuclear power plants, synthetic detergents, etc. that adversely affect life, health and the environment.
"Consumer Report" takes the dangers and anxiety in such a life carefully and carefully from the viewpoint of "connecting the poor life to the future". It is "consumer report" that it writes that it can not be written by the mass communication.
(Issued on the 20th every month, A4 version, 16 pages)

Photo: Consumer Report No. 2019 (issued on March 20, 2019)

【Media Coverage】 The weekly edition was published on the 60th anniversary extra large issue (April 6 issue)

Weekly Contemporary "First 60th Anniversary Extra Large" (April 6 issue)
The article of the map collection is published over 4 pages. It is from page 150 to page 153.

The book of the anniversary that 4,000 volunteers gave birth is an exceptional hit, and the “17 illustrations of the prefecture's radioactivity measurement map” will teach the latest version The cesium contamination degree of your city, the measurement points according to prefectures in the metropolitan area in 2019, etc. Is published.
I think that I worked on 200 pages and 4 pages, and I also struggled with editing in order to let readers who are usually not interested know.
By any means, it will be a partial introduction, but I think it would be appreciated to be introduced to such media as a trigger for people who have never had interest until now.
I would be glad if interested people took a map collection to know the whole image and think about it.

[3/21 · Tokyo Yoyogi] Goodbye to open a nuclear event

We will open a booth at "3.21 Goodbye Nuclear Power National Assembly" on March 21. Location: Tokyo, Yoyogi Park (nearest station: Harajuku or Shibuya)
Time: 11:00 ... (the end is around 16:00, depending on the length of the demo)

At the booth, we will sell the topic "Illustration" "17 Tokyo Prefecture Radioactivity Measurement Map + Reading".
And, tomorrow, we will give a set of two cute "No Nukes postcards" to the purchasers of the map collection! !
If you would like to buy it after looking at the actual map collection, if you gave your share to a friend, or if you would like to buy another book for a family or friend, we are waiting for you, so please drop in Ne

To March 11 which enters the ninth year ...

Photo by 中筋纯 (C)suzy-j photographs

Eight years have passed since then.

Everybody's data site initially expanded its network of radioactivity measurement rooms nationwide, and has been working since 2012 with a major goal of accumulating measurement data.
As a result, in the “East Japan Soil Becquerel Measurement Project”, soil was collected and measured at 3,400 locations in 17 prefectures with the cooperation of 4,000 people all over the country in three and a half years, and spread from Tohoku to Kanto It is up to expressing and expressing the actual situation of radioactive contamination on a map.

In November of last year, pushed by the loud voice of everyone's "I want to read the commentary!", It reached the issuance of "" Illustrated "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection, and issued 16,000 copies in three months. It was up to you.
I wanted this map collection earlier, I received a lot of voices if I knew this early, but we are thinking that ... if I could do that, but now eight years have passed, It can not be imagined that anyone who has been waiting for this book to this extent is honestly imagined, but all the data site members are still chased by the correspondence of map collection with surprise.
In other words, everyone who continues to ask where the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident has caused, no, what is the current type of radioactive contamination and what kind of event it is. I am deeply intrigued by the fact that I came to all over the country. It is also encouraging that the past activities have never been useless.

On the other hand, the situation of the victims and evacuees is driven back under the name of “reconstruction” and health damage is revealed, homes and land are lost, family divisions, and neighborhoods Many people are still living with deep troubles and pains due to their immense predicament, such as losing communities. In particular, economic hardship is severe, and there are no jobs found in mother-infant families, nursing homes, new land, etc. With the termination of housing compensation, the stage is shifting to "poverty issues" far from "reconstruction" .
Under such circumstances, what can be done in the map collection of the data site? . .

This book was created by collecting and measuring soil for the purpose of scientifically grasping the actual situation of radioactive contamination with the power of citizens, and trying analysis by ourselves.
Some people who participated in soil collection want to know the value of their own place and feel relieved, and those who want to know the place with little pollution even if they want to move, compensation for what is a high pollution place Those who are not able to get a good job and who are put to sleep fall into the lawsuit material, and it has been transmitted that they are using map collections in various ways.
Some of you may have had an argument among the family, or you may have had a hard time because of differences in thinking with the neighbors.
We understand that the circumstances will be different, so there will be a variety of ways to use it.

I hope that this map collection can somehow help fill the unfilled gap. I think it would be an opportunity to change the direction of the battle point by picking even one of the seeds of the division that was planted by the radiation damage this time.
We predict that in the future, there will be situations in which scientific literacy will be asked about the actual situation of this radiation damage in various situations. At that time, I hope that you can utilize this collection of maps packed with the wisdom of the citizens.

And this year, with the new backing of all of you, we will start to create "English Edition / Maps" and declare that we will send out information to everyone in the world, and we will make a vow for the 9th year.

Photo: Photographer Jun Nakasuji
Date taken: July 22, 2018 Niwasaka, Fukushima City (Illustration 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + interpretation series P. 2-P. 3 is a photograph that has been published in "Introduction")

[Media] 3/10 (No. 2076) Tokyo Minpo was introduced on the color page

"8 years data on nuclear accident, let's know, publish a map of 17 prefectures of radioactivity, and keep measuring without weathering"
As a collection of maps, in particular in the map of Tokyo and the introduction of pollution analysis in it, and the pattern of "4 joint publication presentation meeting to tell the reality of Fukushima" held on February 3 .
As a measurement room in Tokyo, the comments of “Lab Asunaro” (Itabashi ward) Ushizaki and Mr. Fujikawa from the Citizen Radiation Measurement Room are also posted. You can also buy maps directly in these measuring rooms. Shofu runs a cafeteria using natural foods and pesticide-free vegetables, and Asnaro also performs flings on bargains such as clothes and handmade sundries (this sales will be used to pay for children in Fukushima).
If you are near you, it would be nice if you could carry your feet.

Since the text can not be published, an image will be posted.