[Media] 3/10 (No. 2076) Tokyo Minpo was introduced on the color page

"8 years data on nuclear accident, let's know, publish a map of 17 prefectures of radioactivity, and keep measuring without weathering"
As a collection of maps, in particular in the map of Tokyo and the introduction of pollution analysis in it, and the pattern of "4 joint publication presentation meeting to tell the reality of Fukushima" held on February 3 .
As a measurement room in Tokyo, the comments of “Lab Asunaro” (Itabashi ward) Ushizaki and Mr. Fujikawa from the Citizen Radiation Measurement Room are also posted. You can also buy maps directly in these measuring rooms. Shofu runs a cafeteria using natural foods and pesticide-free vegetables, and Asnaro also performs flings on bargains such as clothes and handmade sundries (this sales will be used to pay for children in Fukushima).
If you are near you, it would be nice if you could carry your feet.

Since the text can not be published, an image will be posted.