[3/21 · Tokyo Yoyogi] Goodbye to open a nuclear event

We will open a booth at "3.21 Goodbye Nuclear Power National Assembly" on March 21. Location: Tokyo, Yoyogi Park (nearest station: Harajuku or Shibuya)
Time: 11:00 ... (the end is around 16:00, depending on the length of the demo)

At the booth, we will sell the topic "Illustration" "17 Tokyo Prefecture Radioactivity Measurement Map + Reading".
And, tomorrow, we will give a set of two cute "No Nukes postcards" to the purchasers of the map collection! !
If you would like to buy it after looking at the actual map collection, if you gave your share to a friend, or if you would like to buy another book for a family or friend, we are waiting for you, so please drop in Ne