[Media] Consumer report was introduced in the March 2019 issue

[Also published in the well-established information magazine "Consumer Report"! ]

A long-established information magazine "Consumer Report" snuggled up with citizens, published by the Japan Consumer Federation.

In this March, 2019 issue, under the title of "The Power of Citizens Measured for Six Years," Michio Yoshimura, who is a thyroid exam, introduced a collection of maps.

It was written that it was written that it was decided to start up a group to conduct thyroid examinations after having participated in the soil project briefing session of everyone's data site, and it was happy.

The compilation of the soil project is the collection of maps this time.
This book was packed with the thought that "I want to protect the children".
I was brave enough to know that I was practicing in a way that I could do it alone all over the country. Thank you!

We have published permission from the publisher, so we will publish it in PDF.
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What is a Consumer Report?
Our surroundings are full of genetically modified foods, additives, pesticides, nuclear power plants, synthetic detergents, etc. that adversely affect life, health and the environment.
"Consumer Report" takes the dangers and anxiety in such a life carefully and carefully from the viewpoint of "connecting the poor life to the future". It is "consumer report" that it writes that it can not be written by the mass communication.
(Issued on the 20th every month, A4 version, 16 pages)

Photo: Consumer Report No. 2019 (issued on March 20, 2019)