In France, you can purchase French version of Digest Map book

The French Citizen Group "à echo-exchanges (Replacement of Speaking)"  published French version digest of the radioactivity measurement map, and now available online shop in French anti-nuclear group.

It contais a map of Fukushima Prefecture, which is included in the English version digest, French version has been created by inserting two local contamination maps,  Tochigi Prefecture and Tokyo.

Postcard; BRUNO CHAREYRON of French Citizen's Radioactive measurement station, CRIIRAD.
Immediately after the nuclear power plant accident 10 years ago, CRIIRAD members provided a great deal of support for citizen measurement in Japan.
Thank you again for that.

Page 24, Color, Edit, Echo-Exchanges. Financial Services from Sautil Du Nuclear Network.
The selling price is 5 euros.

Net income is donated to us.

à Echo-exchanges representative of echo-exchanges, Kolin Kobayashi, thank you very much for your efforts.

Purchase (is the site of "France Nuclear Power nationwide") from here purchase from the smallest unit five books.

You can purchase at: