【2/28 (Thu) · Okayama】 Map collection reading and interpretation course in Okayama

Consultation services for evacuees in Okayama Prefecture / Responses to visits, phone calls and emails / individual visits,
In " Hot Okayama" which is carrying out companion support ,
We hold " map collection reading solution course ".

● Guidance text
"Illustration" "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection" is a network of "citizen radiation measurement stations" that stood up in various parts of Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, activity over 6 years by "all data site" It is a compilation of the measurement results of as a compilation, a map, and a commentary. Where and how much radioactivity is there, food, water, soil ...? And everyone had great anxiety. The farmer worried "How about the radiation in my field?" And wondered, "Can I eat the crop I made here?" This time mainly, "the prefecture prefecture map commentary such as evacuation source and migration source", "rice, fish, powdered milk, what we usually eat such as milk", "information of ash and alerting (pellets stove etc)" mainly I will continue to explain.

In the time of 11:00 to 15:00 of the coming-off tea ceremony
I will read it from 13:00 to 15:00 (2 hours) and use it as a place for lectures.

The instructors are Hiroki Sugihara at the Omichi Measurement Request Office and C. R. Onuma.

2/28 (Thu) 13: 00-15: 00

● The place relieved Okayama https://hot-okayama.net/

● Application: Pre-application required, participation on the day is also possible.
(It will be up to 15 people due to the size of the venue)

● Organizer: Everyone's data site

● Contact / Application:
Hot Okayama 1-14-24, Higashikomatsu, Kita-ku, Okayama Prefecture 700-0921, Okayama Pref.
TEL: 0120-566-311 (toll free)
Fax: 086-230-4561
MAIL: hotokayama@gmail.com

* This event utilizes the subsidy of the Rissho Kosei Kaiichi Ichiban Peace Fund.
http://www.kosei-kai.or.jp/030katsudo/ 0303 /

[2/24 (Sun) · Okinawa] Map collection publication commemorative learning society All data site in Okinawa guest Katsumasa Yagasaki

Support for “With Course” of Motion Gallery crowdfunding implemented last year
We are planning to hold a course sponsored by Mr. Hidetoshi Ito who has applied for it in Okinawa.

Part 1 : We welcome Professor Emeritus Professor of Ryukyu University Yatsuzaki
We talk about health damage caused by radiation, focusing on internal exposure problems.

Part 2 : Published by everyone's data site publication
"" Illustrated " 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection"
How to read maps, especially from the 200 pages, especially Chapter 2 , "Food Contamination"
Everybody's data site secretariat Naoko Nakamura explains.

The venue is P's Square in Urasoe, a spacious and spacious room.
If you have a map collection, of course, those who do not have it are welcome!
What is radiation in the first place? If you do not understand well, Mr. Yagazaki will teach you ☆

★ No application required, part-time participation, part-time leaving is also free.
Feel free to bring your children too! !

["" "The illustration" 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading "collection publication society learning meeting"]

Everybody's data site in Okinawa
Guest lecture "Even in the first place radiation activity" by Katsumasa Yagasaki
Date: 02 May 24, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 to 18:30
Venue: P's SQUARE Convention Room

Organized by: Eisuke Ito (Everyone's Data Site / Crowdfunding Supporter)
Co-sponsored: Everyone's data site https://minnanods.net

Sponsorship: The Meeting of Life
Contact: minnanods@gmail.com   090-7802-4934 (Nakamura)

[2/17 (Sun) · Aichi] We will hold a map collection reading and solving course

From February 17th (Sun) 13:00 I will give a map collection reading and solving course in Nagoya.
Lecturer leads to the future ・ Tokai net citizen's radioactivity measurement center (C-laboratory)
I'm Junichi Onuma.

If you have a map collection, of course, if you do not have the contents of the map collection
Please feel free to join us as we will explain.

Date: February 17 (Sun) 13:00-

Place: 【Aichi】

Instructor: C-Lab: Yuichi Onuma

Participation fee: 500 yen, free evacuees

No application required. Please come to the field directly.

Organizer / Contact:
Connecting To The Future Tokai Net Citizen Radiation Measurement Center (C-Lab)

* This event utilizes the subsidy of the Rissho Kosei Kaiichi Ichiban Peace Fund. http://www.kosei-kai.or.jp/030katsudo/ 0303 /

* Packed Thank you * [2/3 · Tokyo] Please come to the 4th joint publication conference to tell the reality of Fukushima

* Thank you very much
To see you tomorrow and talk about various things
All 4 authors are looking forward to it.

The nuclear accident is not over

A collection of maps that exceeded 10,000 copies
Women talk by song and talk
"4 books to convey the reality of Fukushima, joint publication presentation"

Four female authors talk about the contents of the book and Fukushima before 3.11 in the ninth year.

3.11 to 8 years.
At the end of last year's Crimson-Song Song Battle, there were a lot of voices that appealed from outside and outside of Fukushima Prefecture that Iidamura, still in pain, was introduced as a "symbol of reconstruction." "Is that nuclear accident already over?"
This winter, the data that the general public continues to measure the radioactivity is converted into a book as "" illustrated "17 metropolitan prefecture radiation measurement map + reading solution collection", and while publishing depression is shouted, 10,000 copies will be issued in 2 months did. And the publication by female writers who keep track of the local voice and the voice of the evacuees continues one after another.
Why are citizens who are neither victims nor politicians, women keep their voices up on the issue, women? What's going on now? What is covered and what is hidden?
As we continue walking around the area and listening to the victims' voices, we convey what we can convey.
It is a joint publication announcement event where victims, supporters, journalists and just friends come together and think.
Please come to the unusual publication announcement event that women think that there is a mini live that shakes the soul of mama singer "YUKARI" which continues to sing in evacuation life. We are looking forward to preparing tea and sweets.

※ It is seating 60 people. Please apply if you would like to participate. If you exceed the number of people, it may be a witness. Please note.

Date: February 3 (Sun) 14: 00-17: 00
● Location: the C http://www.the-c.tokyo/outline/index.html 1-15-10 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku 4 minutes walk from Exit 6 of Toei Subway Shinjuku Line "Ogawacho" station
● Participation fee: 500 yen (with tea and sweets)

■ Chiya Yoshida / free writer
"Reporter mother and child evacuation and nuclear plant accident victims are disappearing" 2016/2/27 issue Iwanami Shinsho
"People who live after the Fukushima nuclear accident"
■ Akira Tanazawa / Free Lighter
"Mom of Fukushima, let's say that little voice" 2016/3/26 issue Sairyusha
"Fukushima's mother, do you see hope now?" (Provisional)
■ Kasumi Shibata / Representative for the intermediate support group for refreshers
"Child recovery support after nuclear accident" With evacuation "and" Recovery "
■ Takayuki Koyama / Director of Data Sites for Everyone
"" "The illustration" "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading and collecting" 2018/11/18 issuance All data site publication
■ YUKARI / A singer / songwriter who evacuated from Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture to Tokyo.

● Application is here (Kokuchizu)

* This event utilizes the subsidy of the Rissho Kosei Kaiichi Ichiban Peace Fund

[Report] We started presentation of map collection to evacuees and 304 people

One hundred and thirty three people supported us in the "two books, one book evacuation" plan of Cloudfunding, which was carried out in September last year, and a total of "304 books" were evacuees. It can be delivered to you! Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Many of you are still in trouble, and I wondered if it would be good to deliver 304 books, but I would like to hear from evacuees and related groups, for long discussions, for evacuees, We decided to deliver several books to each related group such as support group, plaintiff group, defense team, and resort group.

Then, this shipping work began at 1/23 and 1/25 at “ Forest measurement room Yukikawa ” in Hikigun, Saitama Prefecture.

For this purpose, a sticker showing the presentation from the crowdfunding and a sticker for viewing are attached on the cover and a sticker for viewing is designed, and a "message for refugees" received from supporters is designed. I did the work of inserting the leaflet which was done in the cover back.

Seals for reading are designed in pink and yellow.
It also contains Marinelli's mark.

What message did you receive from crowdfunding at crowdfunding?
We made use of a paper CD case as a bag, stuck it on the back of the cover, and stored it as a collection of messages designed by folding it in three.

Read the message from everyone before you work, cry, tell that you got the help from many of you in preparation for this list, cry, and do the packing work as if you were leaving your important child I proceeded.

This book will help to know and learn the truth of the contamination for those who are still suffering from radioactive contamination, and I would be very happy if it could be used in a lawsuit.

We are still preparing to send to related organizations.
The shipping list will be announced on the Motion Gallery site shortly.
Thank you to all the supporters.

"Illustration 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection" details are here!