【Media Coverage】 The weekly edition was published on the 60th anniversary extra large issue (April 6 issue)

Weekly Contemporary "First 60th Anniversary Extra Large" (April 6 issue)
The article of the map collection is published over 4 pages. It is from page 150 to page 153.

The book of the anniversary that 4,000 volunteers gave birth is an exceptional hit, and the “17 illustrations of the prefecture's radioactivity measurement map” will teach the latest version The cesium contamination degree of your city, the measurement points according to prefectures in the metropolitan area in 2019, etc. Is published.
I think that I worked on 200 pages and 4 pages, and I also struggled with editing in order to let readers who are usually not interested know.
By any means, it will be a partial introduction, but I think it would be appreciated to be introduced to such media as a trigger for people who have never had interest until now.
I would be glad if interested people took a map collection to know the whole image and think about it.