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We are sold out by great response, and I'm sorry to keep you waiting!
Since the shipping system has not been able to respond to the number of orders as it is now and the waiting period has been long, it is decided to discuss strengthening the shipping system and having multiple bases throughout the country in line with this reprint. Yes.
Then, the first of the shipping locations, 700 books of the second edition arrived today in Saitama's "Measuring room of the forest, Shukawa"!
Tomorrow, from here Saitama, we will resume shipping to those who have made a reservation.
Those ordered after December 7 are out of stock and are waiting for you. We will deliver it in order, so please be patient.

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[12/2 · Tokyo] Information for holding "Labo Asnaro" continuous course

A series of lectures will be held on December 2nd (Sun) at the measurement room "Lab Asunaro" in Itabashi, Tokyo.

In addition to commenting on food contamination this time, Ishimaru of the measurement room “Kodomira” in Kokubunji
We also sell "maps" (the number of books is limited).
【Please】 Since the number of people is limited, please make a reservation in advance to the following phone number when participating.
* Please see the link for details.
Date December 2 (Sun) PM 1:30-4:00
Venue Open Space Asnaro (1-3, Otaniguchi Kamicho, Itabashi-ku)
Material fee 500 yen (35 people capacity)
Contact us 03-5995-4230

Click here for details

We started selling "" illustration "" 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection "

Sorry to keep you waiting.
"" Illustration "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection" The sale of has started.

[Notice] As of 8:40 on December 8 (Saturday), the first edition is sold out,
Subsequent applications will be delivered after the second edition reprint.
The second edition will be shipped sequentially from December 21 in the order you apply.

For those who applied for the first edition,
Because it has received so many orders, it takes about a week to deliver.
Sorry to keep you waiting, but please understand.

★ The first edition (limited number of copies) is also available at events and bookstores in various measuring rooms.
For details, click here https://minnanodatasite.blogspot.com/2018/12/21221.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

With the cooperation of more than 4,000 citizens since October 2014, Radioactive cesium in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Soil collection and measurement will be conducted in 17 prefectures considered to have spread and deposited
Implemented the East Japan Soil Becquerel Measurement Project over two and a half years.
More than 3,400 sampling measurements were realized.
Add various commentary to the map of the measurement result, Also included graphs and charts,
It is "" illustration "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection.

Data of food that citizen's measuring room has measured in detail until now Use food data etc.
I try to read and interpret "measured values" and analyze with "words". A wealth of unpublished data and commentary is included.

"I do not know well about radioactivity" Easy to understand for the general people
Also, "I want to know more about validation based on numbers" To those who
I tried to edit it with a sense of readiness.

・ A4 version (Facing A3 version) ・ Wireless left binding
・ 200 pages ・ Full color
・ Price 2,500 yen (tax included)
* Free shipping

● How to apply ●
There are two types. Please apply in a convenient way.

(1) Apply by postal transfer
Buy a map collection and write it on the post office payment form, Please be sure to fill in the following,
Please pay with the shipping fee.
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As for the postage, 1 book-2 books 400 yen (letter pack light)
Three books are 510 yen (letter pack plus)
For orders of 4 or more, We will check the shipping cost, please contact us in advance.
Window: Fukushima 30-year project (TEL 024-573-5697 / Fax 024-573-5698)

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Account Code Number 00100-7-729477
Account Name (Kanji) Everyone's Data Site Steering Committee Account Name (Kana) Min Nano Data Site Unei Inkai
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Store name (store number) ○ 19 (Zero Ichiku) store (019)
Deposit item Current account number 0729477
Account Name (Kanji) Everyone's Data Site Steering Committee Account Name (Kana) Min Nano Data Site Unei Inkai

(2) Application by Internet Shop Base ( Credit card payment, bank transfer, convenience store payment Pay-easy, carrier payment)

* Shipping separately (up to two books 400 yen).
In addition, in the mail order site Base, only one type of shipping fee can be set, As there are other small products, it is set at 300 yen.
However, to send this book for letter pack light 360 yen
The difference of 60 yen + Add a total of 100 yen to the product price as packaging materials and shipping fee Thank you.
Therefore, the total price 2,500 yen price + shipping cost 400 yen originally At 900 yen,
2,600 yen body price + shipping 300 yen total 2, Please understand that it becomes the notation of 900 yen.

・ If you purchase 4 volumes, please order 2 volumes × 2 times.
・ In the case of five or more books, Please contact us in advance to be treated by Takkyubin.
● We introduce some contents of contents and contents ●

[Information for temporary reservation] Collection of "illustration" 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement maps

In total, 4,000 volunteers and 17 prefectures collected more than 3,400 soils and measured their radioactivity. We issue "" illustration "17 prefecture prefecture radioactivity measurement maps" which mapped measurement results of six years.

Thanks to you, as we achieved the goal in the crowdfunding we implemented earlier, we are preparing for publication.

If you have not been in time for crowdfunding since 9/29, or if you are new, please register your email address here.

If you would like to get in touch, please email us here → https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdcN9VIIMylS-yFCoQoIY95iGdFvdDRgUoHANq1gVdZAW8jg/viewform

We will send you an e-mail when the mail order site is open and available for sale. In addition, it is expected to be a guide after mid-November.

★ Priority will be sent to Cloudfunding applicants (advanced bookings) ★

After the publication of the book, we will send it to the advance reservation who had been doing up to 9/28.

Thank you very much for the great response, and more than 1500 books for advance booking
It is likely that this shipping will take considerable time.

★ In addition, after mid-November, we plan to put stock in all 33 "data site participation measurement room of all" nationwide. If you have a measurement room nearby, please contact each measurement room directly and make a reservation.

List of data site participation measurement room of all is this

The following is an article published on September 19 in the Tokyo Shimbun "This Nuclear Power Station"

【Greeting】 End of crowdfunding Thank you to everyone! (Executive Director, Oyama)

Crowdfunding, launched on August 3, last night It ended with 23:59 on September 28th.
Total support amount 6,273,555 yen, 1,288 supporters Every data site, a big support we never thought about With support, tears, tears and tremor I am filled with gratitude.
Thank you very much. Sincere thanks for everything I will

Initially, you can not achieve the target amount of 2.5 million yen. .
. I started with anxious feeling, but many opini The hot message of the on-leaders broadens the circle of empathy Posting on the "Nuclear News coverage" of Tokyo Shimbun of the whole country Information for people who could not connect until now And the target amount is exceeded lightly in a while. did.

And while rewriting the goal many times, we receive unexpected support
I really feel my tightness, I run through until the last day did.

"Radiation pollution that Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident arose now again"
People who want to learn the reality of What we did, if it was only our data site In the case of many people involved in the radiation problem, I think it became
From now on, to meet the expectations of many of you, this book
I will finish it.
And we will deliver the book in November and will be implemented in various places.
I hope you will see it at a course event.
Please join us for the section.
Everybody, data site
Saved us a place of trouble. thank you very much.

All of you who received your support,
From now on, "do not let radiation pollution not be"
Uh, let's walk together!

Everyone's Data Site · Executive Director Takayuki Koyama