Thank you [Cloudfunding is over]

It has ended with 23:59 on Friday 28th (Friday), with “data site for everyone” bookmaking crowdfunding, which has continued from August 3 to today.

The amount of 6,273,555 yen, the number of supporters 1,288, and the goals of 5.5 million and 1,000, which were raised four days ago, were greatly exceeded, and we were able to achieve great success.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and associated me up to here.
Many of the likes, comments, and support messages I received during the period were all very warm and encouraging.

From tomorrow, the secretariat will complete the editing work and prepare to move on to the dispatch work of fury from the second half of October in late October. Please look forward to it.

I was delighted and enthusiasm for the support voice from around the country for about two months every day, but I am grateful for being involved in this wonderful project.

However, the future is the beginning of the truth.
Don't worry, everyone bought a book.
I will also learn with over 1,200 supporters.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped.
We look forward to your continued support for the "data site for everyone".

Everybody's data site crowdfunding cheerleader Fumi Yanagisawa

[Finally, on the last day, "All data sites" are by "all people"]

"" Illustration "" 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection "book-izing crowdfunding reached the final day today on September 28th.
After discussing with the secretariat on what to say on the final day, this photo is "I'll only have this".

The "everyone's data site" is formed by more than 4,000 citizens who cooperated with soil collection and 33 measurement rooms nationwide that measure the soil in cooperation.
Mothers who are concerned about children after the accident, a group of organic farmers, members of the area who are concerned about the environment, those who have kept warning of the issue of radiation, researchers, etc. It consists of members.
Such as we want the soil radioactivity data of 17 prefectures that we collected in about 6 years up to 2018 to want to know not only the data but also the explanation! It was this book turn that was planned in response to the request that it was.
It has been a huge challenge for us, who have managed to operate at the very bottom of good faith donations and subsidies until now, but as a result it is possible to print more than 3,000 with more than 5.7 million support from more than 1,200 people. became.
We think that the publication of this book is a "start" to know the facts about radiation correctly and to think about solutions with "everyone".
The members of the nation who have continued their measurement activities have been surprised, grateful, and empowered that so many people wanted the truth of radioactive contamination. And I feel that it is important to continue measuring correctly and communicating it again.
There are citizen measurement rooms participating in "everyone's data site" all over the country.
With this book as a starting point, I would like to visit a measuring station in your area, measure what you care about, and interact with members.
Thank you for your support on the final day so that you can keep this valuable data and keep it running with you.
(You can secure the production cost and shipping cost with this support, but if you can do it as 500 yen or 1,000 yen in the case of support, if it is good, it will be over the next year. It will be a great support for the activity costs of
★ ★ End September 28 (Fri) until 23: 59 ★ ★
● After the end of the crowdfunding, you will be notified of the progress, event announcements, etc. on Facebook page, twitter, etc. How nice! & Follow me please.

【Thank you to the cheering party and all others】

"" Illustration "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading 書籍 book publication crowdfunding,
It is up to this reservation to be available during November!
Today, I would like to post this challenge with my thanks to the 23 cheering teams who supported me with a cheering message.

Above all, I was delighted that people who are active in this project in various fields, such as musicians, politicians, academia, lawyers, painters, doctors, writers, writers, researchers, film directors, food, photographers etc. I agree with you.
This gave us the conviction that we can connect across the boundaries of the field with the purpose of 'learning about radiation'.
Also, I would like to once again thank you to the many people who shared our posts many times with great support words, and to everyone who supported them.
As of 9:00 on the 27th, 1,070 people have received support. We are renewed with a sense of surprise, joy, and a desire to continue this activity that so many people needed this data.
The number of supporters target 1,000 who becomes the fourth time is clear yesterday, and the amount target 55.5 million yen is only 250,000 yen remaining.
Thank you very much for your support for achieving your goal.

★ Important information

After the end of the 28th, after more than 3,000 books arrive in the second half of October, we will put top priority on shipping work to about 1,200 supporters.
After that, we will start responding to book subscriptions to be issued after the 29th, but there is a risk that shipping will be delayed after December.
In addition, we are planning "book sales event with commentary lecture" in various places, but it is expected that it will be from this winter to the next spring.
If you want to read the book as quickly as possible, please contact Cloudfunding by tomorrow (application).
<September 28th until 23:59>

[Well, finally writing! I will show you the contents of the book! ]

■ Contamination situation of mushrooms after Fukushima nuclear accident Autumn of taste, season of mushroom has come this year. The parents of such staff N also had the pleasure of the wild vegetables hunting and the mushroom hunting which went out on the trip for the fun of old age. However, after the nuclear accident, N became involved in the measurement, and after knowing cesium of wild mushrooms, there was no pleasure. It is sad. In this chapter's map collection "Chapter 2 Food", we also cover wild mushrooms.
Mushrooms are originally easy to take up cesium, and in particular, wild mushrooms that can not control the culture medium are still found in many prefectures that exceed standard levels.
It is information that many people should know by all means in order to prevent "unintentional eating and internal exposure". ■ Contamination situation of mushrooms after the Fukushima nuclear accident Wild mushroom contains at least 10 times more radioactive cesium than cultivated mushrooms distributed in the market. Contamination is higher in "mycorrhizal fungi" in symbiosis with the roots of trees than in "harmful fungi," which grow by rotten dead trees and dead leaves. It is thought that the size of the concentration range and the yearly fluctuation range found in wild mushrooms is the difference between the number of examinations and the area. While high-value mushrooms like Matsutake are widely collected in a large number of areas and tested, mushrooms with high concentration contamination are limited in data collection because they are not collected.
In addition, since there are regional differences in the collected wild mushroom species, it can not be said that it reflects the current state of wild mushrooms, so further data accumulation is desired. The figure extracts the inspection data of 30 kinds of wild and cultivated mushrooms from 2012 to 1717 from "radioactive substance inspection data in food" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and distribution and secular change of radiocesium concentration included in each mushroom species What I examined. For "wild mushroom", we selected mushroom species with a relatively large number of tests, and classified them into "mycorrhizal fungi" and "phthus". For "cultivated mushrooms", mushroom species with a large amount of production are selected. Those that can not distinguish between cultivation and nature are clearly stated. Note: Of the three graphs, note that in the upper figure the upper limit of the vertical axis is 800 Bq / kg, and in the lower figure the scale is different from 50 Bq / kg. This book also contains a wealth of commentary on food data using graphs and tables. ★ Reservation is here! Crowdfunding is underway until September 28!

【Publication】 September 19th, 2018 Published in Tokyo Shimbun "This Nuclear Power Station"

A large-scale publication of the project was published in the Tokyo Shimbun Morning Magazine "This Nuclear Power Plant Interview Site" .
I am deeply grateful to the efforts of Yamakawa and Shimura of Tokyo Shimbun, who gave me an interview.
The title of the article is, "The collection of funds for publication via the radioactively polluted Internet donation surveyed by 4,000 citizens."
After 100 years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, a 100-year map (which is also a reward!) That estimates what cesium 137 in each area is in 2111, a photo explaining the process from soil collection to data release, and office work It has been published with the comment of the director Oyama.

Thank you very much, Tokyo Shimbun-san!
Finally the rest is 10 days! We will further achieve the target of 3.5 million and aim for reprint.
Everyone, please run with me.
Thank you for your cooperation!
★ Tokyo Shimbun "This Nuclear Power Station"