[4/5, 4/6, Tokyo] We will hold a "charity party" event at LUSH Shibuya Ekimae store

I will participate in the event at LUSH Shibuya Ekimae store for two days of coming April 5th (Thursday) and 6th (Friday).

The data site of everyone for two days on the 1st and 2nd floors of the same store with LUSH's Shibuya Ekimae store (soon in front of Shibuya Hachiko) that has received a lot of support, such as having been invited to a rush summit in a grant or London We will be participating in a project called “Charity Party” where you can display soil maps, measurement conditions, etc. and also advertise and communicate with customers who visited LUSH at mini workshops.

If the customer purchases a body lotion called Charity Pot during these two days, all sales will be donated to the data site, except for sales tax.

Everyone's data site staff will also be in the store for some time and will talk directly with customers .
(Opening hours: 11 am to 9:30 pm) The staff will be staying from noon to the evening.

By all means, it will be fortunate if everyone around you announces this charity party, and you can support us by visiting the store or purchasing a charity pot!
Thank you very much.


【Event report】 3/18 “Japan's pollution that has been seen seven years since the nuclear accident, voice from the world” report

" I have seen seven years since the nuclear accident Report on "Contamination from Japan, Voice from the World"

Date: 2018 March 18 (Sunday) 13:15 Registration starts 13:30 to 16:30
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Center Building 102

Near the end of the fiscal year, nearly 70 people attended the venue and it was a success. This time, we took video letters from overseas and also had time to interact with everyone in the venue, and we held with awareness of various contents and interaction. Below is a report of each program.

● Report of Ibaraki, contamination situation important point investigation area workshop (Tsukuba citizen radioactivity measurement station, Mr. Fujita)

Ibaraki Prefecture also has a spot designated as a major contaminated area of the country, so the effect of radioactive contamination is intense depending on the location.
Based on the results and analysis of previous soil measurements, we reported to Mr. Fujita of Tsukuba.
As a result of analyzing 295 measurement points in Ibaraki prefecture, it is about 8,500 Bq / kg to 22,999 Bq / kg in terms of Becquerel number when converted (attenuation correction calculation) as of 2018. For example, although there is no area corresponding to the zone where the right to reside is recognized, the area which may correspond to approximately 2,800 Bq / kg to 8,499 Bq / kg “zone where immigration rights occur” is Ryukasaki City, Takatsuki City, It was reported that each one was in Toride city. There was also a discussion of the approximate points and differences between actual and estimated values (eg aircraft monitoring results). In the second half, using data and charts, we presented the situation of plume passage at that time and the consideration on dry deposition and wet deposition, and the difficulty of evaluating the initial exposure later.

You can download the projected data from the Tsukuba Citizens Measurement Office website.

Data site of all, East Japan soil becquerol measurement project Ibaraki briefing session (Ibaraki, pollution situation important point investigation area workshop) document

[Media] 3.11 special program "Cultural Broadcasting Saturday Premium Series: The Truth of the Stricken Areas: The Story of Two Hospitals in Fukushima"

You can listen to Radiko's time-free for a week (until March 16).
Some voices of Oyama from everyone's data site are also included!

-------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Special program "The Truth of the Cultural Broadcasting Saturday Premium Series Affected Areas: The Story of Two Hospitals in Fukushima"
■ Broadcast date
March 10, 2018 (Saturday) 7:00-7:55 pm ■ Performer: Dr. Shinya Watanabe (Shinji Clinic) / Osamu Fujita (Tarhine Clinic)
Ayumi Iida (Accredited NPO Iwaki Radioactivity Citizen Measurement Office)
Some voices of Oyama from everyone's data site are also included.

* The following links RADIKO Time Free can be listened to for a week until March 16th!
Please listen by all means

[Report] Everyone's data site went to "LUSH SUMMIT 2018" in London

Participating in "LUSH SUMMIT 2018"
Hirata Yuta
Certified NPO corporation Fukushima 30 years project director

For the "LUSH SUMMIT 2018" participation on the schedule of February 11-18,
I have been to London. As a member of everyone's data site,
Co-representative Mr. Hito Ishimaru and the two men, the measurement site in Japan, and the current status of pollution
The purpose was to report what was happening .
Besides Japan, from the viewpoint of nature protection for many years against the movement of construction of the Kamiseki nuclear power plant in Yamaguchi
" Association to protect the nature of Kamiseki " which has stopped construction ,
We perform advanced radioactivity measurement in Iwaki of Fukushima and voluntary examination of the thyroid gland
A total of three groups participated, including the certified NPO “ Tarachine ”, which opened up to the clinic .

The next day I arrived, I was planning to set up the venue,
The site is still under construction and will not go inside.
Instead, we are in downtown London with the direction of LUSH
One of the Global Flagship Shops,
I went to the Oxford Street shop inspection.
The store, which has 3 floors, is full of energy from day to day on weekdays.
I felt the momentum of a company with approximately 930 stores in 49 countries.

● Photo of Oxford Street Store ●

In the head are the two of the following day, "Kadeno Nature Conservation Association",
The data site of two people and everyone on the platform will be on stage together
About stage talk.
In a stage like TED, progress is being made while simultaneous translation is in non-English language
It was the first time for LUSH, and I repeated many polite meetings in advance.
The venue I finally entered on 14th does not seem to have been working until just before
A high-quality floor design that spans 3 floors and covers all social issues in the world
A booth was created.

● State in the venue ●

We have a corner in the Environment = ENVIRONMENT booth,
In front of you are the booths that are active on pesticides such as neonicotinoids and bees,
Next to it was a uranium mine booth in Brazil.

Stage talk is full, but there is a deficiency in simultaneous interpretation,
It seems that I could not hear much in English.
About 200 LUSH staff from Japan occupy most of the audience,
Everyone listened eagerly.
The video of the day will be published on the LUSH page later with English subtitles.

● Pattern of stage talk ●

After the talk on the stage, people who visit the booth one after another
Continue to explain, both in a state where the throat is empty,
The two-day session ended in no time.
Besides LUSH staff in Japan, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, France,
LUSH staff from around the world, such as Brazil, Korea, Taiwan etc.
He listened to the story.
For foreigners, what happened in Fukushima seven years ago and what is the current situation,
I think that the main transmission of basic information.

● State of booth ●

After the SUMMIT on the second day, coordinate opportunities for exchange in advance
Thanks to the person who did it, two people of Kamiseki are together,
We met at the English pub with the members of the UK anti-nuclear organization Kick Nuclear .
Many people meet for the first time, while the surrounding British people are busy (pubs are bustling everywhere!),
How unresponsive the distribution of leaflets in front of the Embassy of Japan in England,
It was possible to exchange information such as how severe the Japanese government's accident response was.

The next day was a free day before returning home.
Organized in advance by Kato Warberg hosted by Keiko
Ishimaru gave a lecture at a gathering centered on Japanese women in the UK .
Everyone said, "I thought Japan was a better country."

From there, I finally visited the CND office and exchanged information there.
We handed over all the English materials at hand, and as a data site for everyone,
We discussed what kind of support is needed.
Kate promises to spread information,
In addition, I was worried that Britain would become Prime Minister May and the government's rightward shift was remarkable.

It was a week that rushed through like this.
The first valuable opportunity that "everyone's data site" can convey overseas
I am grateful to LUSH for giving me this time.
I personally, I am very interested in LUSH doing such wonderful activities,
In the "Everyone Power" website ENECT, of which I am the editor-in-chief,
I will write a report article on March 7th, 12th and 19th.
As a data site for everyone, the details of the UK visit,
Everyone's data site event of March 18 (Sunday) 13:30 with videos
(The Tokyo Yoyogi Olympic Center) will report.
I hope you will visit many people.

Click here for details / application for the March 18 event

[3/18 · Tokyo] Please come to the report meeting “Japan's pollution that has been seen in the seventh year since the nuclear accident, voices from the world”

Through the past activities of the data site, in light of the Chernobyl method, it was clear how clearly Japan's evacuation and compensation are vague and sloppy.
In addition, the half-life of cesium-137 is as long as 30 years, and if you try to make an attenuation forecast map up to 100 years later, you can confirm the delay of how to decrease from here.
In this event, we will talk about specific examples of domestic surveys and the use of maps.
In addition, notices to overseas have finally arrived, and concerns and solidarity voices have come back.
Please come and visit us to confirm this situation.

Date: March 18, 2018 (Sun) 13:15 Registration started 13: 30-16: 30
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Center Building 102
Participation fee: 500 yen (document fee)

Program of the day (planned)

● Report of Ibaraki priority area investigation workshop (Tsukuba citizen radioactivity measurement station, Mr. Fujita)

Ibaraki Prefecture also has a spot designated as a major contaminated area of the country, so the effect of radioactive contamination is intense depending on the location. Please report the design of the workshop there to Mr. Fujita of Tsukuba. Analyze and report the pollution situation in Ibaraki prefecture.

● The “East Japan Soil Becquerel Measurement Project” cooperated in preparing the submission documents for “Fukushima Nuclear Evacuee Niigata Litigation”.
The measurement data of the soil project of everyone's data site was used as the submission material for the refugee suit. I will report on the history and what kind of materials were used.

● How to read "Chernobyl zone classification and comparison chart of Japan" Everyone's data site secretariat

How is the radioactive contamination of soil in Japan different from the classification in the Chernobyl method?
How should we understand? Radioactive contamination of East Japan that has been understood from the previous surveys
Let's compare the pollution at the time of the Chernobyl accident and its classification and think by everyone.

● London LUSH Summit Participation Report
We will participate in an internal event called LUSH Summit in London, Japan, headquartered on 2/12/2/18 with the invitation of LUSH's “Data Site for Everyone”. A great event to meet and exchange information with citizen groups and environmental groups around the world supported by LUSH! Ishimaru of the Children Mirai Measurement Station and Hirai 2 people from the Fukushima 30-year project will participate on behalf of everyone's data site.
I would like to report on the two days of the event and the subsequent interaction with the Japanese groups in London and the anti-nuclear groups in the UK.

● Video letter screening from home and abroad
England, France, Germany, etc. (plans)

● "Atlas version" (map collection) The present situation report
We will report on the progress of the Japanese version "Atlas" being produced as a compilation of the East Japan Soil Becquer Project.

● Group introduction & sales, exchange time of the day participation
Please interact with the exhibitors and the measuring room.
We are planning to sell and distribute leaflets at each group.

● Takagi school
● Kanagawa litigation plaintiff group
● Bunk Films
● Musashino Smile
● Zendamafes

Project to protect children's health and future (common name: Kodoken) * This group is decided to attend as of March 3

Application for participation is here (Kokuchizu)

Please join us on your invitation. We'll be expecting you!