[3/13 · Saitama] Guidance of study session Why is it difficult to talk? Nuclear power plant disaster-To not make nuclear disaster prevention taboo

Study sessions will be held on March 13 (Wednesday) from 10 to 12 o'clock in the measurement room of the forest.
When talking about radiation, I think that it is a common thing to be healed. Why is it that's why? I would like to call on Dr. Nanako Shimizu, who specializes in national security and who is familiar with gender discrimination and gender issues, and wants to press on what is there.
It is a meeting to think about nuclear disaster prevention by inviting the researcher who joined the mother and child evacuated after 3.11 and Naoko Shimizu.

From 13:00 on Wednesday, March 13, 20, 12:00
Measurement room of the forest, Shigawa (2067-1 Yamakawa, Hikigun, Saitama Prefecture)

¥ 1,000 per person as an entry fee (with hand-made Inari and pork soup, application required, capacity 25)

Inquiry and application 080-5487-5431 (Fukui)