It was published in the woman herself (2/19)

On February 5th, a woman who was released on February 5 (No. 19) took up a three-page spread of “Illustration for 17 prefectures of radioactivity measurement map + reading collection”.

In the map collection, I made a map with the value as of 2011. However, the woman herself has released the cesium value of each prefecture of the cesium contamination situation (as of January 2019) from the nuclear accident.
He also mentions the process of production and the distress of farmers.

I am glad if you can purchase and support a woman who has been actively addressing the Fukushima nuclear accident.

In addition, I think that I would like you to have a chance to talk about radioactivity in shops, friends, and areas.
Thank you for your support and diffusion.

* The web version has been released. You can read the full text of the article here.

About "the illustration 17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading and collecting" ・ purchase from this