[3/10 · Tokyo] Rabo Asunaro continuous course 30 "danger of reactivation and nuclear power plant-against old plant nuclear power, reactivation of Tokai Daini nuclear power plant-"

"Rabo Asnaro continuous course 30 "
"The restart and nuclear hazards
      Over aging nuclear power plant, Tokai second opposite through to the re-operation of the nuclear power plant "

Keidanren Nakanishi President talked about the nuclear power plant re-activated at a press conference on January 15, "I ought to use that I think should be promoted more and more. The energy of nuclear power for the sake of humanity". What does it mean to restart even if the cause of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident is not known or it has not converged yet? How do people in the affected Fukushima think of the fact that even eight years after the accident, they are plagued by the effects of radiation? In addition, decommissioning takes huge amounts of money. And it is in a situation where we do not know how to do the decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant where the accident happened.
The Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which is the closest nuclear power plant from Tokyo, is about to be restarted. Following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, a regulation was introduced in which the operating period of the nuclear power plant was basically 40 years. However, it can be extended up to 20 years, subject to regulatory approval .
The Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is a 40- year-old gauze nuclear plant, and it has also suffered from 3.11 . In addition, there is a reprocessing plant that stores a large amount of high-level radioactive liquid waste in Tokai Village, and there is a risk of causing a tremendous scale of damage if combined accidents occur. However, in November last year, the Regulatory Commission approved a 20- year extension of operation.
The second nuclear power plant 96 million people live in the 30 km zone Tokai, is the primary densely populated in most surroundings in Japan. If an accident occurs, it is clear that Kanto will also be affected by the accident.
In this course, I would like to think together about how dangerous it is to restart the Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
Lecturer Yasumoto Fujita
    Tsukuba citizen radioactivity measurement center representative university part-time lecturer (in charge of science history, science theory, engineer ethics etc.)

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