【New Year greetings and thanks for achieving 10,000 copies of book circulation】

【New Year greetings and thanks for achieving 10,000 copies of book circulation】
Happy New Year everyone.
Last year, with the support and cooperation of many people, it has been a year of production and issuance of a six-year culmination of "the illustration" 17 prefectures of radioactivity measurement map + reading collection "which was a longing for 30 participating measurement rooms nationwide. I was able to do it. I would like to take this moment to say thank you.
In addition, after the issue, we received a great response that we had never imagined, and by the end of the year we had another 5,000 copies to be ordered for printing, which made it possible to print 11,000 copies.
Many of you are concerned about the radiation, and it was up to you deeply recognized the role of all of the data sites of everyone, as they continued to have the desire to know the actual situation.
This year, I would like to send this book to as many people as possible, and have them understand the contents, and we will put great effort into the implementation of the “Reading course”, so I hope that you can call the data site. You With regard to the implementation of this course, it is possible to utilize the subsidies received, so we would like to hear from you without worrying about expenses.
The decided "reading and reading course" will be open to the public.
And now, we are continuing to prepare for delivering 300 volumes of map aggregation to those who have promised during the last year's crowdfunding. In order to attach the message received from you to the map collection and deliver it equally to the whole country, we have the efforts of the related organizations and representatives.
We are preparing for delivery in January, so we hope to have some more time (we will announce the delivery address after delivery).
It will be a little later, but in February, I am preparing to have a strange press conference with events.
stay tuned! looking forward to! !
I think that various citizen's activities to "do not make it do not make it" that the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear accident accident has been forced to a great deal of times so far and the mind is likely to be broken often. However, even in the eighth year, I felt that the meaning of being able to cause a social phenomenon that radiation books made by citizens can be taken up by newspapers and magazines that line up in large bookstores and libraries, is very significant. You
I think that it will be a challenge now in terms of enhancing scientific literacy and discussing radioactive contamination in civil science, so I hope you will make full use of the collection of maps.
Let's do our best together this year.
Thank you in advance for this year.
Everyone's Data Site Executive Director Takayuki Koyama
* Click here for the details and purchase method of "" Illustrated "17 metropolitan prefecture radioactivity measurement map + reading collection"