Goodbye Nuclear Festival (Yoyogi Park, Tokyo)

日時 Sep 16, 2009(Wed) 10:00 - 16:00 【終了】
会場Yoyogi Park, Event Plaza / Outdoor Stage to Shibuya area (Promenade)
内容 [ ON SALE!! 9.16 “Goodbye Nuclear Power Plant” English version map collection ]

We will open a store this fall at “Goodbye Nuclear Power Plant” @ Yoyogi (September 16th, Monday), where everyone's data sites participate every year.

Finally, the English digest version “CITIZENS 'RADIATION DATA MAP OF JAPAN ~ DIGEST EDITION” will be on sale here!

The regular price is 540 yen, but it will be sold for 500 yen at the event for the first sale.

If you want to see information that is not in the Japanese version, or want to send it to your foreign friends, please come to buy! !

The booth is NO, 26 and it is a little closer to Shibuya.

You can get the original Japanese version of this Digest, too.  2,500 yen.
担当者Oyama / Nakamura