The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 caused the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear accident. Radioactive substances released by the accident spread invisible radiation contamination over a wide area, especially in East Japan. Under these circumstances, citizens who wish to check the contamination of their products or consumption with their own eyes share money, collect donations, search for donations, and apply for grants. Therefore, activities for measuring radioactivity have spread throughout the country, mainly for food, water, soil, etc. by obtaining radioactivity measuring equipment.
These measurement results were individually disclosed on twitter, e-mail magazine, and the homepage of each measurement room. Therefore, for example, when there was a mother who wanted to know the measurement result of "powdered milk", it was very inconvenient to search many things to know several results. "I wish there was a database site where information for citizens could be collected mainly by citizens, and anyone could easily search."

We would like to create a system to unify measurement data and display it on a map in an easy-to-understand manner at a research exchange meeting by grantees and applicants related to radioactivity measurement conducted by the Takagi Jinsaburo Citizen Science Foundation in 2012 With the idea of having come up, the project "Let's build the database of the citizen's radiation measurement station in earnest" was born, and the current "everyone's data site" was born.
In everyone's data site, you can search across all data registered by the participating measurement rooms using keywords such as "item name", "time" and "production area".