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Radioactivity contamination by the accident of Tepko Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is lasting long term. 
The soil contamination map of broader areas is needed to understand contamination of neighborhood
by measurement and comparison of data. 


Though central and local governments conduct soil researches, those researches are insufficient 
because the value is lower by measuring deep place or they measure only air dose. 
As they decide the spot of measurement by mesh, the data what citizens want to know is lacking.


In our Project, we aim to grasp status of contamination where citizens make living every day. 
For example, place where children frequently play, where people pick wild grass, or where farmers work 
is being measured.


The Project aims that people can access necessary information as much as possible by utilizing data 
and database and by accumulating information which one can find at a glance and can search at ease. 
We hope the result would be used as a tool for action for everyone.